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Our approach

At Simply Ethical we pride ourselves on providing clients with a clear focus on achieving their financial objectives in an ethical way. Our philosophy is based upon a shared view of how we as a company believe we should invest on behalf of our clients, focusing on meeting client needs over their time horizon and working with our clients to ensure they understand why they hold the investments they do.

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We invest in Sharia compliant investments

Our investments have reviewed by Sharia Advisers

We calculate Zakah on investments

We calculate how much Zakah is owed on your investments

We calculate purification amounts

We perform the necessary calculations to work out the amount to be purified

Ethical investing

We want you to achieve financial success through positive values and good ethics. Our investment screening is designed to help keep your money away from business sectors and activities that have an adverse impact on our society. By doing that, we encourage the growth of more sustainable ways of doing business which have a positive impact on our society. We believe such investments will not only appeal to the socially responsible investors but also to people of various faiths. Adherence to these principles means that the investments offered are compatible with the teachings of the Islamic faith, therefore are Sharia compliant. 

Our Ethical Committee reviews investments to ensure they meet to our Sharia Compliance and Socially Responsible investment criteria set in our Ethical Investment Policy Statement.

Seek investments

Medical briefcase


Medical solutions

Innovative technology

Clean energy

Sustainable products


Avoid investments

Tobacco & Alcohol

Gambling & Entertainment


Conventional financial services

Harmful products

Human rights abuses & Exploitation

Funds screening

All funds and ETFs we use in our investment portfolio are reviewed for Ethical and Sharia compliance. We assess funds on Sharia screening criteria, Sharia governance and ongoing monitoring system amongst other important considerations.


Review Sharia certification

Sharia certificate for funds is reviewed to ensure it is certified by a reputable scholar(s) with relevant experience


Review Sharia screening criteria

We review how investments are screened for Sharia compliance


Review ongoing Sharia compliance

Ongoing Sharia compliance and monitoring system is reviewed

Direct equities screening

At Simply Ethical, we are dedicated to constant improvement in Sharia compliance where and when we can. For those investing in direct equities (companies), we adopt a much tighter criteria than that followed by the broader industry.

After conducting business screening that excludes a number of industries, sectors and activities as stated in our Ethical Investment Policy Statement, we apply financial screening on companies that have passed the business screening criteria. A company must meet all of the following criteria to be deemed compliant:

Business Screening

Exclude non-compliant businesses

Debt to Total Assets


Company debt

Net borrowing to Total Assets


Net borrowing in the company

Cash to Market Capitalisation


Cash in the company

Non-Compliant Income


Non Sharia compliant income

Zakah & purification

Simply Ethical will calculate the Zakah percentages and the non-compliant income to be purified for all the relevant clients on an annual basis. Our methodology for Zakah calculation and purification calculation is explained in our Ethical Investment Policy Statement.

We calculate Zakah on investments

We calculate how much Zakah is owed on your investments

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We calculate purification amounts

We perform the necessary calculations to work out the amount to be purified

We inform you of your charitable obligations

We share information to help you pay the correct Zakah & purification amounts to a charity of your choice

Sharia certification

The Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) is a Middle East-based firm with an international scholarly platform of 37+ scholars, covering 4 major school of jurisprudences and spreading over 16 countries. SRB is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain, and has been serving the Islamic financial industry for almost 20 years. SRB is committed to empowering Sharia compliance for businesses around the world. To learn more about SRB and its services, visit their website.

For the purpose of effective Sharia governance and supervision, two renowned and qualified Sharia scholars have been assigned. The Sharia Committee independently issues pronouncements, and these rulings are binding onus.

The two Shari’a scholars which have been assigned by SRB to make the Sharia Committee for Simply Ethical are Mufti Faraz Adam and Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad.

Our Ethical Policy and investment criteria

Our Ethical Policy and investment screening criteria have been approved as Sharia compliant

Zakah and purification calculations

The way we calculate Zakah and purification amounts has been verified as Sharia compliant

Our Investment Platforms

SRB are satisfied with our investment platform documentation and the way we invest money

Sharia advisers

Mufti Faraz Adam

Mufti Faraz Adam

Sharia Adviser
5+ years
Advise on Sharia compliance
Learn more
Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad

Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad

Sharia Adviser
9+ years
Advise on Sharia compliance
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Zakah is a financial obligation that every Muslim must pay on certain assets that are at or above a certain minimum amount (Nisab) and have completed a holding period of 12 lunar months (Hawl).

Purification is the cleansing process which requires that any investment income that might have been generated from unlawful activities according to Sharia based investing principles be given to a charity. Sharia based investing allows some tolerance in non-compliant income. Based on AAOIFI Shari’ah standards, provided a company meets other Sharia standards (limitation on debt and cash) and has less than 5% of its income generated from prohibited activities, for example, interest received on company cash. The company may be deemed as Sharia compliant, provided that any income from non-compliant activities is given to a charity as a way of purification.

Our investments have been certified by Mufti Faraz Adam and Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad.

Shariyah Review Bureau conducts audit on Simply Ethical on an annual basis.

Our Sharia certificates can be verified on the following link. You would need the verification code, which can be found within our Sharia certificates issued by Shariyah Review Bureau.