Top 10 Tips! Tax Year End Financial Planning (Video)

Wasim Khan (Director) shares some important tax year end financial planning tips!

Given that we’re reaching the end of the tax year, we want to make sure we help you achieve your financial goals by giving you insightful tips and guidance. In this seminar took the opportunity to go through some of the functionality of our “Online Simplified Advice” system to ensure you’re getting the most out of the tools available to you.


[01:58​] ➠ UK Tax Allowances and Rates for 2020/2021

[13:43​] ➠Tip1 – Start a Stocks & Shares ISA – Make the most of your ISA allowance
[17:31​] ➠Tip2 – ‘Bed and ISA’ – Moving investment to an ISA or SIPP this tax year
[19:44​] ➠Tip3 – Junior ISA – save for your children
[24:13​] ➠Tip4 – Don’t overlook pension contributions for yourself – pay what you can into pension
[26:25​] ➠Tip5 – Take your pension contributions to max – utilise annual allowance + carry forward allowance
[29:30​] ➠Tip6 – Don’t overlook your non-earning spouse – set up a pension for them
[31:10​] ➠Tip7 – Junior Pension – long term savings for your children
[33:00​] ➠Tip8 – Pension planning for £50k to £60k earners with children
[34:42​] ➠Tip9 – Personal allowance trap: planning for those earning £100k to £125k
[36:55​] ➠Tip10 – Pension planning for business owners and directors: Employer pension contributions vs dividend payments

[39:17​] ➠ Our online platform functionalities

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