Financial Planning Tips!

With the tax year end fast approaching we thought it was an opportune time to share some financial planning tips!

In our experience most people have good intentions with respect to achieving their financial goals – but a combination of being very busy with other things, lack of guidance and apathy often means many don’t get around to doing some sound planning around this. As experienced Professional Financial Advisers we know that investing some time in planning to achieve your financial goals can make a massive difference to the results you achieve.


[3:30​] ➠ About Simply Ethical
[6:50​] ➠ Core Principles of Islamic Finance
[10:08​] ➠ The Need to Financially Plan
[14:35​] ➠ Overview Steps to Investing
[16:01​] ➠ Sample – University Fee Planning
[18:45​] ➠ Power of Compounding
[25:19​] ➠ Where to Invest: Sharia Compliant Investments
[30:30​] ➠ Risk & Reward
[32:47​] ➠ What Makes a Company Sharia Compliant
[37:38​] ➠ Where Is My Money Invested?
[39:31​] ➠ Am I Sacrificing Returns Investing in a Sharia Compliant Way?
[42:51​] ➠ Accounts and Tax Wrappers
[44:09​] ➠ Start a Stocks & Shares ISA – Make the Most of Your ISA Allowance
[47:06​] ➠ Junior ISA – Save for Your Children
[49:39​] ➠ Pension Planning
[53:05​] ➠ Conventional Defined Contribution Pension vs Sharia Defined Contributions Pension
[56:59​] ➠ Tax Relief on Pensions
[59:51​] ➠ Regular Saving for Retirement – Importance of Starting Early
[1:04:04​] ➠ Pension Planning for Business Owners & Directors
[1:05:49​] ➠ How Can Simply Ethical Help You
[1:08:43​] ➠ How We Compare with Competitors
[1:09:26​] ➠ Consolidating Your Existing Accounts & Financial Advice

Q & A Session:
[1:11:30​] ➠ What are your thoughts on cryptocurrency from a Shariah Perspective
[1:13:25​] ➠ Is Zakat only payable on the pension fund balance once it is crystallised?
[1:16:23​] ➠ If you only have £10k on your pension annual allowance and income
is eg £140k then how best to reduce tax by using a pension?
[1:18:05​] ➠ I have a pension pot with you, what is the the figure
you provide me each Ramadan?
[1:19:09​] ​➠ Is it best to invest both in a pension and ISA for your retirement?
[1:21:22​] ➠ Can you provide any advice on how student fees can be funded in a halal way
[1:24:04​] ➠ With the current pandemic what has happened to Islamic investments?
did they fall in value?

Two people meeting

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