Annual Al Baraka Forum – London

Simply Ethical were honoured to be invited to participate in the AlBaraka Forum for its 2nd Annual Summit held in London.

AlBaraka Forum for Islamic Economy convened the Second Global Summit in London titled, “Islamic Economy in The United Kingdom: Reality and Opportunities” during October 28 and 29, 2023, with the aim of reviving the understanding of the Islamic economy that began in United Kingdom and continuing to grow in an effort to expand the reach of Islamic economy to various governments and institutions, as well as shedding light on the growth and development of both Islamic banking and investment sectors in the United Kingdom, from UK to European countries and the world.

The Second AlBaraka Summit brought together those interested in Islamic economy from various sectors, including government representatives, policy makers, professionals, academics, investors, businessmen, the most prominent experts with brilliant economic minds, and representatives of major financial institutions concerned with the economy in general and the Islamic economy in particular.
During his opening speech, H.E Mr. Yousef Khalawi, Secretary General of AlBaraka Forum for Islamic Economy, highlighted the great role played by the late Sheikh Sale Abdullah Kamel – founder of AlBaraka Forum, pioneer of Islamic economy in establishing a distinguished global platform for Islamic economy and finance, which consolidates the forum’s pioneering role, considered a beacon of knowledge concerned with Islamic finance around the world, emphasizing the role of the AlBaraka Forum in linking international economic entities and specialists from academics, professionals and researchers, which supports the application of the assets of Islamic economy and finance.

Our CEO, Faizal Karbani was asked to deliver the opening remarks of the Professional Workshop: The Executive Programme on Effective Regulation and Supervision of Takaful Institutions. He emphasised the importance of this program in ensuring the sound governance and oversight of Takaful, an essential component of Islamic finance.

Faizal highlighted the UK’s position as a hub and leader in the field of Islamic finance, underlining the significance of effective regulations and supervision in maintaining this leadership role.

H.E Mr Yousef Khalawi, Secretary General of AlBaraka Forum honoured Faizal for his valuable contribution.

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